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These choices allow Brothers to remain just out of the picture so that they can more easily do work the Sisters may have more difficulty with in their garb. Despite being known as Guards or Paladins in some houses, Brothers are not considered part of a security detail, though acting as escorts and making sure the Sisters are safe on outings is part of the job.


It should be noted that both nuns and monks are full-fledged members of the order with equal voting rights, time commitment and membership duties. Both take vows, both go through a four-step journey to becoming a full member. They are not above one another or unequal in any way - they simply do different work for the same goal.


So what’s the difference between a Sister and a Brother? It is not gender as the names would suggest but rather the roles they take in the house.


Sisters are nuns - the more public face of our order. They take vows to serve the community in a very public way. They are referred to with feminine pronouns in honour of the loving women who filled nuns vocations for centuries, but they can be of any gender identity. They are known for their striking, gender-bending look when manifesting (appearing in habit and makeup) as well as their outgoing, joyous personalities. When in formalwear, sisters wear traditional nuns habits complete with veils, prayer beads and collars. As the original founders and namesakes of our Order, the main representatives of our order are the Sisters. 


Brothers are members that serve the house which in turn allows the Sisters to serve the community. They are referred to with masculine pronouns in honour of the gentle men who commit their lives to service, work and spiritual development in various religions, but they can be of any gender identity. They work more behind the scenes so their monk-inspired vestments are much more subdued than Sisters.