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The event was hosted by 2015 Ms Leather Toronto Leather and 2016 International Person of Leather Shahrazad Alchemical-Domina and Sister Twisted Fister. The judges incuded 2015 Mr Leatheran Toronto Jeremy Feist, Master Tony Palazo and Mr Spearhead Randy Boyd.  Also included in the procedings was the sainting of Brandon Matheson - now known as Saint Brandon of the Pink Papers, for his years of community service and involvement including his time at Pink Triangle Press and Central Canada Drummer.


Special thanks to Weiß Wes of Weisses Photography (our official event photographer), Central Canada Drummer

Brandon D Mohawkeson, Club 120, O'Grady's Bar and Restaurant on Church, Kevin O'Keefe, Daily Xtra, 

The Men's Room Shop, Rebecca De La Cour, Heather Hyslop Lowe, Goodenough Custom Creations, Pitbull Events and Filthy Paws.

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Seven contestants, three judges and a slew of naughty gender-bending nuns battled it out to decide  who would represent Toronto and be our savior from the tribulations of vanilla sex. The Toronto Sisters celebrated Good Friday in the most outrageously heretical way possible with the 1st Annual Toronto Kinky Jesus Competition presented during the Central Canada Drummer Fetish Weekend 2016, a testosterone-fuelled Easter long weekend of kink and play. 


Encouraging each entry to explore their own kinky interpretation of the Christ figure while poking fun at the many pageants and title competitions in our community, the seven contestants were judged on Messiah Wear, Kink Wear and Minimal Wear as well as answers to a variety of questions and a speed "Biblical Trivia round."  The winner was "Blow-My-God Jesus", cited for his creative use of gold glitter as an entire costume (and bringing a whole new meaning to the term "guilding the lily").  Crowned with a tiara-of-thorns, draped with a purple title sash, and presented with an Easter gift basket full of naughty indulgences, He was sent on a victory lap around the venue with an outrageously decorated life-sized crux to pose for the Seven Selfies of the Cross.

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